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Creativity is the ability of a person to come up with something new. It is the ability of a person to do things in a different way. They have the special ability to give a new direction to everything which they put their hand in. they can be considered as ‘artists’, but one must always remember that “all artists are creative thinkers, but not all creative thinkers are artists.”


Analytical: The creative thinkers are great observer too. They see, observe and critically analyze the things and then land up to some new and innovative ideas.

Open-Minded: They are the people who think open-mindedly. They usually don’t burden themselves with nonsense thoughts. They are messy at the beginning but eventually organize them before presenting their self and their work to the audience.

Problem-solving: They have a unique mindset and different perspective towards life and the problems related to it. Majorly, for this reason, the employers are keen to hire the creative employs for they can handle stressful situations with an easy go.

Communication: Intrapersonal communication is a major part of creative people’s personality that helps them to come up with solutions to major tricky situations too!

In a famous story of Sherlock Holmes, where he realized that a dog not barking is the symbol of a murder case, Sherlock Holmes uses the concept of lateral thinking. Lateral Thinking is the perceptional part of thinking. When the thinking takes place outside the box, this creativity is known as lateral thinking.

In the early 13th century, creativity was defined as a sense of ability, cleverness. The creative employees are extremely valuable to the firm they work for. They hire them, basically, for they can help solve work-related issues, data set, group project and the conflict between employees.

Kids are really creative and we can prepare them to solve future problems by helping them to enhance their creativity. We can do that by various mediums i.e by introducing them to arts or letting them explore around. One of the simpler ways to help them is introducing Tinkering and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) to them. STEAM Education helps children to develop critical thinking skills and can have a crucial part in developing motor skills of young children as this type of education involves doing things practically, it is based on hands-on experience.

In simpler words, it can be said that creativity is the “how” part for solving the various problems of life, be it at a personal level or at the professional level. And, hence, can be concluded that creativity is the basic element for achieving success in professional life and touching the skies.

Can Creativity Be Taught?

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Can Creativity Be Taught?

“The potential of persons to produce creative works whether or not they have produced any work as yet is what is called creativity.”  -John R. Hayes

Creativity is something that every individual has but to show it up to the public it needs confidence, energy, opportunity, intelligence, discipline, and most importantly different perspective towards things and life. And there comes no second thought that every other person has a different approach towards life. No two persons think or act alike, howsoever similarities they have.

Creativity is a skill that can never be taught but can only be enhanced. It comes from “within” of a person. It has two components, i.e., Functionality and Originality.  The one who considers himself/herself as “creative” must ensure that whatever he/she is giving to the audience is self-composed and original and not copied from anywhere. Even if he/she takes ideas from somewhere else, they give them proper credits.

Along with the originality, their work is functional. It means that the task that is performed differently and is presented in a different way is more eye-catchy and functional.


Creativity and Psychology are interlinked with each other. One cannot perform tasks without thinking. Everyone uses their brain to give their level best, but the one who takes the trophy is who thinks out of the box, which brainstorms a little harder than the 1st runner up.

Thus, it can be said that creativity and psychology are interlinked to each other because a person’s psychology determines his/her efficiency to work and the way he/she does.


Learning and innovation go hand in hand. Creativity and innovation go hand in hand. So, technically, it is learning and creativity that go hand in hand. You can’t even think to produce something differently if you don’t learn the process for how to initiate that.

We all have heard the phrase, “the need is the cause for inventions.” And, also we are aware of the fact that inventions are not those which happen with a mere thought; they take place followed by the creative thought.


Sir Richard Branson gave a mantra to be creative, and that is, “A-B-C-D (Always Be Connecting the Dots).” If one keeps on connecting the dots and joining the lines, one can get something that others are lacking and thus can outshine.

Researchers have shown that when something is done creatively, its quality and the quantity gets on the same scale. And such a thing is not taught in the books but is ENHANCED by the mentors, teachers, parents, guardians, and with whosoever, the child spends most of his/her time with.

Along with the proper guidance and support, the child’s creativity, the skill can be more enhanced if provided with the proper opportunities, encouragement, training, motivation and, most importantly, the practice.

What is S.T.E.A.M. Education?

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We all are well aware of the importance of education in one’s life so, we give our child the best education. But, the major questions that arise here are… what makes the education best? ; On what basis do we determine the level of education we provide to our children? What should one consider more- the quality of education or the quantity of education?


S.T.E.A.M education teaches the students, the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics in artistic, practical, and excitingly interesting way. It enhances the child’s curiosity and inquisitiveness. It gives them the opportunity to think out of the box and do things differently. For that, it requires the relevant and skilled teachers who can train the children so well that they can do some good to themselves, their family and to the society.


It shows them the path for the better representation of themselves and the creativity that their mind stores. It acts as the torchlight that the child can use to reach the end of the dark tunnel (difficult phase of life). It makes the difficult and boring units in the textbooks, way much interesting for the children to get the practical approach to whatever they read in the textbooks. This, in turn, enhances their practical as well as theoretical knowledge for academics along with their attitude towards life.


According to a survey in the U.S., there were people who got this sort of education when they were in the senior secondary school, while a few among them got to learn it when they were in the secondary or the primary school. According to them, this artistic and practical mode of education showed them the easier path in their college lives and the life years ahead.

And, thus, it was concluded from the survey that earlier the child starts getting practical knowledge and start implementing in his/her life, the easier the concepts of life become for them.


In a nutshell, it can be said that S.T.E.A.M education is a Smart way to inculcate the importance and the need for a practical approach towards the theoretical concepts in a child’s mind. And, the sooner the child gains it, the sooner its outcomes will be seen. Such education concepts and styles are the smart, intelligent, convenient, interesting, and exciting approach towards that boring curriculum. Thus, this being introduced to the children, enhances their creativity, educational approach, the way of thinking, and most importantly, the concept of education and life.



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Learning while playing is a privilege. It is a magical way for students to learn different & new concepts. They don’t only enjoy the play part but also learn various new concepts that are a “must” for a child’s life. It is a magical way to memorize the lessons without even memorizing them. They don’t need to memorize because when a child learns through practical education or hands-on learning they adapt better and remember for a longer time.



A child’s behavior is a reflection of their surroundings. How you teach them, somewhere matters more than what you teach them.  A child’s mind is like clay, which takes the shape of which ever mold we put them into. Playful learning, in the simplest words, can be defined as the way through which the child’s physical, mental and social development takes place. Playful learning helps to develop critical thinking as it requires the child to put in efforts and find a solution to a practical problem.



Whether its cognitive development, critical thinking skills or motor skills development learning playfully is important for a child. It keeps the children busy for achieving the various goals of learning a skill, behavior and acquiring some new information. It encourages them more and more for learning something new. The children who are shy enough to not to indulge with people and into various activities, it acts as a medium for such shy, introvert children to mix up with the other children. It provides the motivation for learning new information and helps them for expressing themselves creatively.

Moreover, it gives them a flexible space to express themselves as it does not resist them from doing the activities that they want. It is the key to prosperity since it enhances the child’s creative thinking and helps them grow up “better adjusted, smarter and less stressed.” Learning while playing also improves conflict resolution and the child’s academic performance and also reduces the infant’s aggression.



STEM educates the children creatively and elegantly, STEAM, on the other hand, educates the children with the touch of Art. In STEAM education, the children are educated with the artistic blend in STEM education.

Its popularity is increasing day by day because somehow the economic prosperity is well versed in the rising jobs in the fields of Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

STEAM education can, thus, provide the better scientists, engineers, mathematicians, technicians and that too with the artistic blend of mind. It helps to convert the learning to critical areas together with art practices, elements, standards, principles, designs, and the elements.

What is Creativity?

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According to Richard Branson, “the most talented, thought provoking and game changing people are never normal.”In other words, they are the ones, who always think out of the box.

In every individual’s mind, there is a bell named ‘curiosity’, when this bell rings it results in the brainstorming by the individual. Everyone does every work in their own unique way. Every individual is different and thus their way of doing things will be also unique in a way. This uniqueness is termed, in the simplest terms, the ‘creativity’ of the individual. Each person is different and has a different way of dealing with the things. And this difference is the only thing that makes them unique in the universe.

In the current scenario, the one who thinks, presents and speaks in a way that… that is new to the people, or something that compels the person at other end to brainstorm into the deep depths, is the one who catches the most eyes and is praised by everyone, just like a Hindi proverb ‘Jo dikhta hai vahi bikta hai’. Everyone has this uniqueness of being unique, what it requires is just the identification, the way to know self, adeep introspection and a belief in the self. Uniqueness is damn necessary for one’s survival in the current scenario. For instance,  a chef can make the boring regular food items into something the people would crave for. This is possible because of the creativity of the chef. We all are well aware of the fact that the good the food in looks, the better it tastes, and tasty food is all we want when we go to the restaurants or food courts etc. The unique, the creative way of presenting that same old boring food into a delicacy, makes the person addicted to it. This is what the magic of hard brainstorming is.

In general, the individuals in the second age group(3-12 years of age) are seen to be more creative. It is not like they lose their capability of thinking differently or cannot do something new, but because of n number of pressures, they stop being Creative (not deliberately but because of the circumstances). They are unable to show their creativity because of the other necessities of their lives.

Education is a must these days. Everyone knows and genuinely accepts the fact. But what is more important during a child’s education is to know and let him/her aware of his/her talents. One can do the work more efficiently and creatively, he/she is talented in.The creative education works as a shiner in polishing a person’s hidden talent and the unique way of performing regular task differently. Someone, once said, “it doesn’t matter, neither it is visible how hardly you perform a task, what is seen as an outcome is- how efficiently and differently you performed the task.”Creativity is directly proportional to the efficiency, and is inversely proportional to the time consumption.

Bill Gates said, “For any difficult task, I will choose a lazy person because a lazy person will find an easier way to perform the task.” It happens because they utilize their more and more time into thinking about life, their perspective and most importantly, they introspect. They know their weaknesses and identify their positive and negative sides early in their life, which the active people lack (in most cases) because they are always into the mad rat race.

The creative the individual is, more efficiently the task will be performed. More the efficiency, more eyes catchy it would be and hence the outcome will be the profits and profits. Creative education is as important as primary education. In fact, it should be included in the curriculum of primary students and make it easier for the children to identify and Utilize their hidden superstars in a more cool way.

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