Is it me or you can already feel the festive vibe in air with festivals Dushera, Diwali, Halloween & Christmas around the corner. Only this time I feel it may end up being locked down at home. Its a crazy feeling, even a thought of isolation around festivities is troubling me. We can still cope up but what about kids? Our children go to these cool Halloween parties every year, dressing up like little ghosts & witches. What is going to happen this year?

At Be Cre8v, Every year we host crazy cool parties at various locations all over India on Halloween. We make the best of our knowledge & creativity to bring an absolutely new & epic party every year filled with Fun & scary installations, stem activities & games for children, Trust me these are so much fun that even while I write this blog, I am smiling thinking about scary fun we all have every year with 100’s of kids who join us in these parties. This year its all going to be at home so I have a plan for all of you to still make halloween a cool party.

I have been thinking about it, So I thought of making this year as innovative as possible for my children & making them learn to have fun even when the going gets hard. Lets make it awesome, you can host your own online Halloween party or use this for an in-house halloween bash.


Halloween Light & Shadow Storytelling show

The best part about Halloween is having fun & getting little scared :). What about your own story telling show with a child-friendly original story & theater that too with lights shadows, theater,  sound & puppets.. Its super fun. Check this Be Cre8v Halloween Shadow Art Story telling kit, we made this kit to enable children, adults, teachers & whosoever wanting to have fun telling stories. It has everything thats needed (psst. even batteries are included 🙂 )Enjoy the story session with family or with friends online.Price Rs.699/  Link | Buy on Amazon.in 

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STEM Based Fun Zombie Crawling Prank Robotics Kit

For all your little pranksters, this may be the most fun toy ever. A Zombie Crawler, Its super fun STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) toy for your little one. Children love to make electronic diy projects & here Be Cre8v has something that they will even love more. A fun scary crawling zombie robot. You could order its kit & have the child make it, play with it or even play prank on others :), I have tried it myself, its suuuper fun.

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Halloween special Flippy Car with Dementor Creativity pack

Cars are so much fun, They are forever best toys. Kids absolutely love cars, with this Be Cre8v DIY kit children can make there very own Flipping stunt car. But why am I talking about a flipping car in Halloween post? Well, this one has a super-cool Halloween Edition. It has this amazing Halloween Creativity pack that connects a dementor like figure on top of the car, this is super fun for kids of age 6 & above. If you are looking for toys for 6 year olds, these are the ones to buy!

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The above would ensure party like fun for your child. You can host a show that your child can present online for family & friends or get him/her to make a DIY electronic toy like zombie crawler or Flippy Dementor car to make your child feel special. Not only that these toys are filled with education & learning. Not only they engage children, they prove to be very useful in developing a child cognitively.

Let me know in comments what are your plans for this Halloween. 🙂 Hope this article is helpful. Stay healthy & a very Happy Halloween to all!

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