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To encourage children of the world to make, create, invent, engage & explore. Develop world class products & services that introduce various mediums to enable creativity in them. Make 'play' learning & 'learning' play through constructive engagement. Help parents with creative & effective parenting.

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True education is experiential & playful

Is your child stressed with education? Do you think your child needs to understand more than he needs to learn? Is study boring to your child?
The answer is with play, education comes naturally to your child. Here your child will get to explore a multitude of concepts while having fun. Thousand of studies world-wide talk about play based education as the ultimate way to learn.

Learn with smiles, hands-on & engagement

Introducing Be Cre8v DIY kits a revolutionary product based on play-based experiential education. Learn while playing, sounds impossible? Its not, experiential learning leads to deeprooted understading of concepts. Such education is both natural & long-lasting. We call it real education.